We Are Not Real

Location Skuespilhuset, København
Tuesday at 18-21 pm


Exhibited at CPH:DOX’s screening of the documentary Those Who Feel the Fire Burning at Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen.
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“What else could we do? The sea is in front of you, the enemy is behind you, and either option brings death.”
– Moataz, a 40-year-old driver who fled a massacre at home in Syria

“I feel sad and miserable. My son is just 24 years old, he saw nothing in his life. Ahmad survived rockets, and prison, but he was betrayed by the sea. But I am still hoping for miracle that Ahmad will come back to me.”
– Samir Asfour, 57, father of Ahmad Asfour, a 24-year-old severely ill man from Gaza

“We are thinking about whether it is better to start an attempt and possibly drown, or be killed by Israeli bombs. I’ve never had a good day. Just tyranny, war, and no work. We didn’t know when we would be killed.”
– Mohammed Raad, 24, Gaza


Boat people corpses are washed ashore in different European cities and the reality and human tragedy that takes place far from our coasts enter our consciousness.

WE ARE NOT REAL is a memorial where 1:1 sized dolls can be found in different city centres. In a little boat next to the dolls passersby can find fortune cookies with real statements of people who saw the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean as the only way.

Christian Lollike has created the concept for the memorial WE ARE NOT REAL in collaboration with Jens Folmer Jepsen in a collaboration between Sort/Hvid and Aarhus Festival. The dolls are made ​​by Signe Herlevsen.

10.11.2015 CPH:DOX 2015 (DK)
09.10.2015 KULTURNATTEN 2015 (DK)
01.09.2015 – 05.09.2015 AARHUS FESTIVAL (DK)
03.07.2015 – 11.07.2015 PERGINE SPETTACOLO APERTO (IT)