Location Sort/Hvid, Staldgade 26-30, 1699 Copenhagen V
04.11.2021 - 06.11.2021
Workdays @ 20h00, Saturday @17h00
Language Danish
Duration Ca, 75 min.

Concept, composition and staring MARCELA LUCATELLI Texts KIRSTINE FOGH VINDELEV AI artist MIRABELLE JONES Light design JARI MATSI Sound design GIANLUCA ELIA

THIS MUSIC IS AN EMBARRESSMENT TO HUMANITY – an artificial intelligence (AI) takes over the Danish singing tradition and invite you to sing along. The host of the evening will be Marcela Lucatelli.

The Brasilian composer and performance artist Marcela Lucatelli explores the crossover between human and technology in corporation with text writer Kirstine Fogh Vindelev and AI-scientist Mirabelle Jones. The songs of AI are created with help from a new innovative technology called OpenAI GPT-3 – a computer program that can produce texts as if they were written by a real human person.

The question is, what we end up with when the Danish singing tradition is reinterpreted by AI? A new language tradition or a reproduction of old habits? Both the good and the bad? If AI produces our language from algorithms based on existing content, does it then also reproduce human powet play and ethical language problems? Or can we erase “the toxic language”?

The vibe is neon and AI’s endless knowledge of music take us through well-known melodies into techno crazy post-industrial beats. Lucatelli’s human, unhuman voice guides us to the back side of technology and forces us to listen – to the sound, the system and the human being. When AI takes over the whole idea of music is turned upside down. Expect singing where the only thing we will not do is to sing.

THIS MUSIC IS AN EMBARRESSMENT TO HUMANITY is a part of the opening program for Sort/Hvid Stage for Music Theatre
From 2021 Sort/Hvid is a stage for music theatre. We start off with a big opening program. Two months filled with pieces mixing music and theatre. See the whole program here.