Music Theatre of the Future

To explore the intersection of music and theatre, we have engaged an artistic council. With them and a multitude of artists, Sort/Hvid will dissect the future of music theatre.

The artistic council includes: Composer Louise Alenius, set designer Franciska Zahle, opera enthusiast and stage director Johan Klint Sandberg and director of Aarhus Theatre Trine Holm Thomsen.

The opening program for Sort/Hvid music theatre will be in autumn 2021. Over several weeks Sort/Hvid will present ambitious hybrid performances between music and stage art. See the program here.

Music theatre producer: Nana Senderovitz, / + 45 61 66 62 91

Press related questions: Maja Vadum Larsen, /+ 45 61 70 89 79

The Danish Arts Council has selected Sort/Hvid as a scene for music theatre from 2021 till 2024. In this period, Sort/Hvid will be the center of music performance across genres and format, seeking to develop the understanding of and the conditions for music theatre.

Music Theatre of the Future – VISION

Sort/Hvid wants to create music theatre that confronts our world.

We will not let ourselves be limited by conventions; we will unite the diversity of artists from different disciplines in creating the future of music theatre. We want to create new expressions, make new genres, and dissolve them again. The audience can expect everything from activistic opera to political pop, from death metal puppet theatre to cacophonous chamber music.

As a hub for music theatre Sort/Hvid will be producing ambitious performances and facilitating experiments, residencies, workshops, and knowledge exchange. We want to create a professional, development orientated meeting place for those who want to take music theatre in new directions, both musically and performatively. We are going to collaborate with music and stage art producers both locally and internationally – artists, orchestras, festivals, organizations, and networks.

Sort/Hvid music theatre is classical and rhythmic. Domestic and international. Innovative and old fashioned. Activistic and apathetic. Radical and mainstream. Fearless and terrifying. Uncompromising and compromising. (Black/white).