Project Farming

Location Sort/Hvid
03.03.2012 - 31.03.2012
Tuesday-Friday 8 pm Saturday 5 pm
Language DK
Duration 90 min.

Is Danish agriculture in a crisis? Is it possible to produce food in other ways? Who is the modern farmer? How are the conditions for the animals? Is agriculture an important part of the Danes’ cultural self-understanding?

There is not just one story about Danish agriculture; there are many. CaféTeatret is therefore in collaboration with a number of artists pitching into the agriculture. Every artist is provided with a room and a bag of money. In their respective rooms they examine Danish agriculture seen from their perspective. The result is a walking performance that invites the audience to experience the reality of modern farmers. In other words, CaféTeatret is rebuilding Skindergade 3 into a farmhouse. Project Agriculture represents several voices: the farmers, artists, the scientists, the consumers, and the animals. During the play time, a long list of Danish and international guests will visit the farm house in Skindergade 3 in order to contribute to the debate about Danish agriculture.

Last but not least, CaféTeatret is hosting a workshop that everybody is welcome to join.

Check out for more information about the program.

Project Agriculture is chosen to be a part of the annual EITM-performance conference which Copenhagen is hosting this year on March 28. – 31. 2012. IETM is the International Network for Performance Art.