Open Call: Music Theatre

20.01.2021 - 17.02.2021


Sort/Hvid wants to create music theatre that confronts our world.

We will not let ourselves be limited by conventions; we will unite the diversity of artists from different disciplines in creating the future of music theatre. We want to create new expressions, make new genres, and dissolve them again. The audience can expect everything from activistic opera to political pop, from death metal puppet theatre to cacophonous chamber music.

As a hub for music theatre Sort/Hvid will be producing ambitious performances and facilitating experiments, residencies, workshops, and knowledge exchange. We want to create a professional, development orientated meeting place for those who want to take music theatre in new directions, both musically and performatively. We are going to collaborate with music and stage art producers both locally and internationally – artists, orchestras, festivals, organizations, and networks.

Sort/Hvid music theatre is classical and rhythmic. Domestic and international. Innovative and old fashioned. Activistic and apathetic. Radical and mainstream. Fearless and terrifying. Uncompromising and compromising. (Black/white).


Sort/Hvid [Black/White] is one of Copenhagen’s most agenda-setting theatres with a rich history of creating music theatre in a wide variety of both classical and rhythmic genres.

Sort/Hvid creates uncompromising contemporary stage art examining current issues, crossing genres and forms. Music theatre has been central in several of Sort/Hvid’s most acclaimed performances amongst the audience, critics, and award givers. We have presented both original music theatre and reinterpretations of classical pieces together with composers, musicians, singers, and stage artists.




DEADLINE 17.02.2021

We are looking for brave, experimental hybrid art formats in the intersection of music and the performing arts. We are looking for pieces that dare to challenge our notion of what music theater can be.

We want to see music theater like we have never seen it before; we want to make room for more perspectives. In the autumn of 2021, Sort/Hvid will be presenting an ambitious opening program. For this occasion we are looking for 8 projects that explore, develop, and demonstrate the contemporary relevance of music theatre across genre and format – projects that dare to challenge the audience’s understanding of the world we live in. Sort/Hvid wishes to open the season with a diverse program. With an explosion and a celebration of music and art. With aesthetic, visual, loud, and sensory performances demonstrating what music theatre looks, sounds, smells, and tastes like in 2021.

We want applicants with strong artistic ideas. Big teams and small teams. Projects to be developed in collaboration with Sort/Hvid and projects that are ready to meet the audience.


  • The project gets approximately two weeks of rehearsals at Sort/Hvid.
  • The project receives 100.000 dkr. from Sort/Hvid for salaries and realization of the project.
  • The project is developed in corporation with Sort/Hvid and will receive professional sparring.
  • Sort/Hvid’s space, technical equipment, and technical personnel will be at your disposal. Sort/Hvid will also take care of marketing and ticket sales.
  • Participants will need to set aside two weeks for the project between mid-September and late-November 2021.
  • The project will be staged in front of an audience at Sort/Hvid for 2-5 nights.


  1. A project description explaining the concept, technical considerations, and the purpose (max. two pages)
  2. CV (max. one page per group member)
  3. Images/visual material/inspirational photos (max. one page)
  4. Links to sound, either sketches for compositions or earlier work.

Send your application here.



The projects will be presented to an artistic council assisting Sort/Hvid’s management in choosing eight projects which resonate with Sort/Hvid’s overall vision for music theatre. The chosen projects will be made public together with the rest of Sort/Hvid’s 2021/2022 season at the end of April. We strive to give all applicants an answer by the end of March 2021.