I hear voices

Location Staldgade 38, 1699 Copenhagen V
31.10.2015 - 19.12.2015
Tuesday-friday 8 pm Saturday 5 pm
Language DK
Duration 90 min.

14.12.2015-19.12.2015 – Extra performances!


Zaki is a phenomenon of musicality and forgiveness. Information
'I hear voices' (org. Jeg hører stemmer) is carried by the multi artist Zaki Youssef’s humorous double perspective at the world of today. Weekendavisen
'I hear voices' makes an impression. Impression because the performance establishes an internal dialogue with its audience. Peripeti

Text, performance and composition ZAKI YOUSSEF Music and composition TURKMAN SOULJAH Direction CHRISTIAN LOLLIKE Assistant Director SIGRID JOHANNESSEN Text Dramaturge JESPER BERGMANN Text Consultant JONATAN SPANG and PARMINDER SINGH Performance Dramaturge TANJA DIERS Scenografic Consultant NATHALIE MELLBYE Light Design and Technical Responsible MORTEN KOLBAK Sound JES THEEDE Production Managers ANDERS SYLVEST and ANE BANK OLESEN Head of Set Building ASGER MORTENSEN Builders NICKI KAPPE and MAIKEN BRUUN-AAMODT Technical Assistant and light coding BJARKE JEPSEN Costumes CAMILLA LIND Costume Assistant AMALIE AUNSBJERG Educational Material JULIE LORNSEN Graphics WRONG STUDIO Photo SØREN SOLKÆR Video TOBIAS SCAVENIUS Co-production with THE ROYAL DANISH THEATRE Support from THE DANISH ARTS FOUNDATION

Terror in Copenhagen. Muhammad cartoons. Islam. Freedom of expression. The world around us roars. But what is it that determines who we are and what we believe?

In the performance I HEAR VOICES (org. Jeg hører stemmer) the Danish-Egyptian multi-artist Zaki tells his personal story about being torn between two national identities in a world where a rhetoric about ‘them’ and ‘us’ characterize the public debate. Zaki was born and raised in Denmark and has lived most of his life here. He has opinions and sees the current problems with a double view. He is part of the younger generation of Danish artists with a mixed background that on his own body has felt the impact of the public debate on xenophobia, Islam and terrorism. He is an everyday witness and it gives weight to his sharp and refreshing opinions.

I HEAR VOICES is written by Zaki Youssef who also will be on the stage with the musician and composer Turkman Souljah. Together they have written new songs for the show, which is a mixture of concert, monologues and stand-up, and will frame a both humorous and serious picture of the new voices in Denmark.

31.10.2015-14.11.2015 COPENHAGEN
16.11.2015 BALLERUP
18.11.2015 SØNDERBORG
19.11.2015 SLESVIG
20.11.2015 HADERSLEV
24.11.2015 THISTED
25.11.2015-26.11.2015 AARHUS
07.12.2015-12.12.2015 COPENHAGEN