Location Sort/Hvid, Staldgade 26-30, 1699 Copenhagen V
07.10.2021 - 09.10.2021
Workdays @ 20h00, Saturday @17h00
Language English
Duration ca. 90 min.

Set Design, concept and direction JULIAN TOLDAM JUHLIN, CHRISTIAN ALBRECHTSEN Composition, concept and concert pianist ERIKO MAKIMURA Composition JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, PJOTR ILITJ TJAJKOVSKIJ amongst oherts Extras TBA


DIES IRAE – the Day of Wrath – is the day the souls are sent to either heaven or hell. It will be a visual deluge of a performative piano concert created by the classically trained Japanese pianist Eriko Makimura and directors and set designers Julian Toldam Juhlin and Christian Albrechtsen.

The virtuosos classical concert pianist Eriko Makimura find herself in the dark of the purgatory about to receive the final judgement. Sin by sin, she fights for remission. Her body gets more and more constrained. She is forced from the piano and fights her way back in a powerful struggle against the fall of man. Makimura plays, kicks, and pounds her way through her own compositions and famous classical pieces from Bach to Tchaikovsky. Will she end up receiving eternal salvation or absolute curse?

Eriko Makimura is a classically trained pianist from Japan. Already from the age of two, she was schooled in the classical authoritarian way. Today she is known for the rebellion against the traditional concert tradition in favor of course, intuitive, and strong visual performances. She has performed in world known concert halls, gay bars, and rundown factories. For several years she has played her way through the seven dead sins in a series of performative concerts. One sin at the time, concert by concert. In DIES IRAE this sin full pianist is forced to handle her instrument in new ways in a struggle of the body and the piano. It gets almost sadistic as she awaits the final judgement.

DIES IRAE is a part of the opening program for Sort/Hvid Stage for Music Theatre
From 2021 Sort/Hvid is a stage for music theatre. We start off with a big opening program. Two months filled with pieces mixing music and theatre. See the whole program here.