Location Sort/Hvid, Staldgade 26-30, 1699 Copenhagen V
24.11.2021 - 27.11.2021
Workdays @ 20h00, Saturday @17h00
Language Danish and English
Duration Ca. 70 min.

In order to experience the audiowalk, you will have to bring a set of earphones and a smartphone (remember to charge it).

The audience both stand, walk and sit during the experience.

Starring PATRICK BAURICHTER Direction and set design NATHALIE MELLBYE Text and concept MYCELIUM Composition and sound design CRISTIAN VOGEL Video piece MELLBYE/BEHRENS photo MARTIN HØYER POULSEN


One of the most popular google searches during COVID-19 was variations over the question: “Are the birds getting louder?”. The occurring silence and human emptiness that followed the first wave of the pandemic suddenly gave room for animals in a new way and increasing bird singing became a beautiful and warning reminder of the world without humans, suddenly peeking out.

BECOMING BIRD is a sound piece and a ritual examination of how we can reform a pact with nature. You are invited to listen to the absence of humans and the last gasps from a dying species as you go on an audiowalk though the meat packing district on your way to Sort/Hvid. Here the ritual will finally be carried out. Tar, feathers, self-proclaimed humiliation and punishment, pure enjoyment of the human absence, enchanting quietness, unbearable noise. How does the world look without humans? How does the world look from the perspective of the animals?

The piece is created by set designer Nathalie Mellbye, musician Cristian Vogel, actor Patrick Baurichter and the anonymous collective Mycelium. With this ritual they form a pact with nature that we are increasingly becoming strangers to.

BECOMING BIRD is a part of the opening program for Sort/Hvid Stage for Music Theatre
From 2021 Sort/Hvid is a stage for music theatre. We start off with a big opening program. Two months filled with pieces mixing music and theatre. See the whole program here.