We Are Not Real, 2015

AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR of living like nomads, we have now signed the lease to an old slaughterhouse in Copenhagen’s creative and vibrant Meatpacking District. The blueprints are drawn up and construction is scheduled. We are now closer than ever to having our own theatre again, but we need your help!

SORT/HVID, PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS CAFÉTEATRET, has been a mainstay in Copenhagen’s city centre since 1972, where we have continuously played a central role in the Danish theatre landscape. We have also collaborated with various theatres and festivals abroad, and our works have been performed on a wide variety of international stages; from Canada to Japan, New Zealand and Paris. In November 2014, a fire destroyed our beloved historic building and we lost everything overnight. We have since been forced to relocate from location to location, in such temporary workspaces as kitchens, foyers and loaned office spaces.

The Shaft or Gerhard’s Adventure, 2013
All My Dreams Come True, 2013

THE FUTURE IS LOOKING BRIGHTER. We have received financial support from the City of Copenhagen and the private foundations Real Dania, Villum Fonden and The Danish Foundation of Culture and Sport Facilities to turn our new building into a multifunctional theatre and laboratory, where Sort/Hvid can do what it does best: develop new plays, theatre performances, exhibitions, operas, ballets, sculptures and multi-media works examining current social and political issues across genre and form, and for that, we are truly grateful.

BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP. We have financial support for the building, but we need your help to fill the theatre with such things as: lightning and sound equipment, building materials for a stage, seating for the audience, and furniture for the lobby and bar.

Leaves, 2015

We, therefore, humbly ask for generous support and hope that you’ll help us make our dream theatre a reality.