Location Sort/Hvid, Staldgade 26-30, 1699 København V
09.01.2021 - 30.01.2021
Language Danish
Duration 90 min.

You can also experience the performance at Teater Momentum in Odense
23.11.2020 – 19.12.2020. Read more here.

Starring MALIN RØMER BROLIN-TANI, FILIPPA SUENSON, JOHANNES LILLEØRE, JOACHIM BACH ROSENDAL (Student, The Danish National School of Performing Arts), AMALIE DRUD ABILDGAARD (Student, The Danish National School of Performing Arts) Idea CHRISTIAN LOLLIKE Concept SIGRID JOHANNESEN and CHRISTIAN LOLLIKE Direction SIGRID JOHANNESEN Manuscript WILLIAM LIPPERT Set Design MARIE CHEMNITZ Light Design MORTEN KOLBAK Video Design SØREN KNUD CHRISTENSEN Sound design KIKI MAJA SKOVMAND (Student, The Danish National School of Performing Arts) Funded by WILHELM HANSEN FONDEN 


Throw the dice. If it lands on one, you send a resignation letter to your boss. Easy. This thing with thinking about it, is unnecessarily difficult.

Husband, two children, good apartment. In every aspect, Lucia lives a life worth envying. And yet, every morning when she gets up, she feels like sick to her stomach at the prospect of having to reenact the same everyday life. Until one day when a game of dice gives her an idea: What if you let the dice decide?

The debutant playwright William Lippert has written a story about breaking out of other people’s expectation of who you are and what you can do. Staged by Sigrid Johannesen, TERNINGEKVINDEN will be a multimedia performance that is new every night. An intense game of dice about the next step in Lucia’s life plays out – both live in the auditorium and transmitted from the urban space. The story line is decided by a throw of the dice, a throw of dice by the audience.

TERNINGEKVINDEN puts an end to boring everyday life and lets lose the desire to live, take chances and do the unexpected. Lucia insists that she contains endless versions of herself. She can be anything. If she dares. Do you?

TERNINGEKVINDEN is a co-production between Sort/Hvid and Teater Momentum.