Hate Radio

Location Københavns Musikteater
24.05.2013 - 25.05.2013
Language FR/RW (UK Sub)
Duration 110 min.


Cast AFAZALI DEWAELE, SÉBASTIEN FOUCAULT, ESTELLE MARION, NANCY NKUSI, DIOGÈNE NTARINDWA (ATOME) Text, direction MILO RAU Conceptual Management JENS DIETRICH Produced by INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF POLITICAL MURDER Full credit and further information on international-institute.de

Hate Radio is an artistic reenactment of the radio station RTLM’s broadcasting in Rwanda in 1994. RTLM played a central part in the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis that led to the brutal genocide. The program consisted of pop music, riveting sports coverage, political bulletins, and remarkably hateful calls to murder that were combined into a dreary few-square-meter laboratory of racist ideology.

Based on excessive research, International Institute of Political Murder reconstructs a RTLM broadcast to paint us a picture of how racism functions and how human beings are “talked out of” their humanity. Additionally survivors of the genocide are standing on stage, playing the radio hosts.

Hate Radio is chosen as one of the best performances in Germany at Theatertreffen 2012.