Location Sort/Hvid
Thursday-Saturday 9 pm Monday-Tuesday 9 pm
Language UK
Duration 90 min.

Concept, direction, performance HERMANN HEISIG, MARINA QUESADA, ANNE ZACHO SØGAARD Dramaturgy ANNA K. BECKER Light design SANDRA BLATTERER Production management SUSANNE OGAN Produced by INTRANSIT International co-production between SOPHIENSÆLE (Berlin), INTRANSIT and CAFÉTEATRET

A portrait of one generation in three countries: Denmark, Germany and Argentina. Anne, Hermann and Marina dive into the embarrasing, personal and intimate treasure trove of biographical details.

WIR/NOSOTROS/VI asks: Who are we? What signals do we send with our haircuts, passports, jobs and online profiles? What is embarrasing and what is political?

WIR/NOSOTROS/VI is playing with the representation of identities from different continents.