Location Sort/Hvid
31.05.2017 - 04.06.2017
May 31st at 21.00, June 1st at 21.00, June 2nd at 21.00, June 3rd at 17.00 and June 4th at 15.00.
Language English
Duration 60 min.

Instruction and sound design TOMAS RAJNAI, JENS NIELSEN Scenography and costumes ANNIKA TOSTI (intern from Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola) Actor MARWAN ARKAWI Text MARWAN ARKAWI, TOMAS RAJNAI, JENS NIELSEN Social worker at the Swedish migration board, Migrationsverket JOANNA DAHLGREN Interpreter at Migrationsverket NASREEN ALJANABI LARSSON Ombudsman JO RIDEOUT Graphic form LEON MARTINSEN, CHRISTOFFER HÖRING Grade RICHARD AHLBÄCK, THE L_NE Postproduction JOHAN HOLM

The performance is a cooperation between DRAMATEN and OSYNLIGA TEATERN. 
Inspiration for the performance comes from the text “Det levda – bakvänt, översatt och fastslaget” by Kristina Hultegård.

This performance is a part of CPH STAGE

Like thousands of other fugitives, Marwan Arkawi fled from Syria to Sweden where he ended up seeking asylum. But Arkawi resists being just ‘another refugee’ – he insists on being an individual. In WE WHO LIVE BACKWARDS, Marwan Arkawi takes us on a journey to discover life as a refugee as it is, helped by VR-glasses and headphones.

WE WHO LIVE BACKWARDS digs deeper to show, what it implies on a personal level for a human being to flee. No more talking about refugees, now it’s time to talk with them. WE WHO LIVE BACKWARDS is a cooperation between Den Osynliga Teatern and Dramaten in Stockholm. Supported by Kulturkontakt Nord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm Municipality and the Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen.

Det levda baklänges VR-teaser