We are the World

Location Sort/Hvid
29.04.2017 - 20.05.2017
Tuesday-Friday 8pm Saturday 5pm
Language DK
Duration 90 min.

Concept, direction and scenography TUE BIERING, MARIE ROSENDAHL CHEMNITZ Support from STATENS KUNSTFOND Co-production between BIERING/CHEMNITZ, SORT/HVID

Once we were singing “We are the world”. But are we THE WORLD? Can we possibly be? Do we even want to be?

“I do not dare say it out loud but I want to live in a tiny micro world that I create on my own. With the people that I would like to have in it. WITHOUT all the annoying, moaning, the fucking smug, those who think that I should be less selfish and guilty about not wanting to rant in a singalong that we are all so similar and that I just want a better world for all of us.”

WE ARE THE WORLD is an infinite performance of a common “we”. We never reach the goal, but try until the last audience have left the room and the bulldozer scrapes the remains together.