Location Sort/Hvid
Tuesday 8 pm Wednesday 6 pm
Language UK
Duration 60 min.


Direction, performance, text ANDREAS LIEBMANN Artistic collaborator MARIE ØSTERSKOV

Did you profit from the financial crisis? Did your house end up at auction or are your rates stable? For two weeks Andreas Liebmann and his artistic collaborator Marie Østerskov have enquired the Danes regarding their relationship with money through conversations with passers-by on a glimmering square on the streets of Copenhagen – this has opened a gold vein of information about the monetary pulse of our bright city. Passers-by confided financial stories of success, economic melodramas and personal farces about financial downfalls from the „monetary battlefield“ – or should we call it „the peaceful field of values“? These stories are the seed capital of „TRUST“: A performative reflection about the impact that follows the truism that all aspects of our lives are governed by economy. Is it really true? Is it necessarily bad? And what if we forgot the value of coins? Why then buy an expensive bracelet if none of your heirs can retell the story of your financial sacrifice?

Money is out. TRUST is in.

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