Three White Soldiers

Location Sort/Hvid
16.06.2014 - 17.06.2014
Monday 6 pm Tuesday 6 pm
Language UK
Duration 60 min.


Text, direction, performance JOHAN FORSMAN and ANDERS PAULIN Production SKOGEN

THREE WHITE SOLDIERS is a performative archive operating in the oscillating field between High Frequency Trading and Shamanic practices. As a pilgrimage, the work explores the financial, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of time and space beyond human perception.

The project has been developed over three years and with a continuous transformation through interaction with materials, people and stories that cross its path. It is not a criticism or a tribute to the speed of the network of the modern economy. Instead, it is an attempt to travel along its linguistic patterns and figures. Because, can we even imagine digital transcendence – going beyond the port of the computer screen to the other side?

THREE WHITE SOLDIERS is a figure in the financial system, illustrating the increased economic profit. And while it is a virtual journey through the mazes of the investment algorithms.

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