Location Sort/Hvid, Staldgade 26-30, 1699 København V
16.04.2020 - 26.04.2020
Monday-Friday 17h00, Saturday 14h00, Sunday 12h00 and 15h00
Language Danish
Duration 60-90 min.


Adviced by the authorities, we have decided to close Sort/Hvid, for now until and including 13th of April. Since we can’t continue developing performances, it means, we have had to postpone THE TOUCH. More specific information will follow as soon as we know more. If you have a ticket to the performance, you will receive an email from our ticket office. We are of course ready to answer any questions, you may have. Feel free to contact us at

We thank you for your understanding and patience in this unfamiliar situation and we look so much forward to seeing you again here at Sort/Hvid.

By LINA HASHIM Directing CHRISTIAN LOLLIKE Dramaturgy and text adaptation ANDERS THRUE DJURSLEV Set Design Consultant IDA GRARUP Sound and Light Design RASMUS SKAARUP JOHANSEN Supported by DET OBELSKE FAMILIEFOND

In THE TOUCH the Danish-Iraqi artist Lina Hashim invites you into a forbidden dimension of Islam.

A parallel world filled with spirit-manners and djinns, invoked through blasphemous rituals and brutal ceremonies. A world where magic and curses determine your destiny. A world cultivated in hidden corners throughout the world – also here in Denmark.

Lina Hashim is cursed. When Hashim first hears of the curse, she doesn’t believe it’s real. But as the world around her collapses in misfortune, violence, divorce, hospital admissions and being haunted, the question begins to arise: am I cursed or am I losing my mind?

THE TOUCH is a true story about Lina Hashim’s journey into a spiritual world. A journey into both black and white magic. A journey that she embarks on through violent, forbidden rituals in her all-sacrificing attempt to transcend herself and overcome all contradictions between reason and madness, inquiry and subjection, right and wrong. The story is documented in THE TOUCH, where Hashim is hostess for her own anthropological and personal exhibition of ritual objects, staged in collaboration with Christian Lollike.

Join the journey into the beyond – at Sort/Hvid 16.-26. April 2020.


Lina Hashim is an artist who works in the intersection of art and anthropology. She was originally born in Kuwait of Iraqi parents and moved to Denmark in 1992. Hashim’s artistic work examines the practice of Islam today. In SELVMORDSBOMBERE she exhibited images of deceased martyrs dipped in the artist’s own blood. In UNLAWFUL MEETINGS she documented secret meetings among young Danish Muslims. And in UDEN VIND she took pictures of women’s hair that usually is covered with a veil.

Now Lina Hashim is exhibiting THE TOUCH at Sort/Hvid. THE TOUCH is her graduation exhibition from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and is presented at Sort/Hvid in collaboration with Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

A ticket to THE TOUCH also gives you access to Kunsthal Charlottenborg from 18.04.-24.05.2020, where the rest of the graduation exhibitions can be experienced. You simply show your ticket at the box office.