cmmn sns prjct

Location Sort/Hvid
20.06.2014 - 21.06.2014
Friday 6 pm Saturday 5 pm
Language UK
Duration 80 min.


Text, performance, direction MARTIN SCHICK and LAURA KALAUZ

All that unspoken agreements upon which we relate to each other, all of the criteria by which we act and think and according to which we make decisions, all habits and conventions that influence our doings, all of the things that we take as “normal” and about which we say “of course” and we no longer question. Welcome to the world of “common sense”.

CMMN SNS PRJCT deals with social relationships and the gaps that can be created when operating beyond the logic of economic profit.

CMMN SNS PRJCT proposes new trading opportunities and forms of exchange within the context of theater, that further reach the limits of fictionality. Together living singular experiences where intimacy and the unfamiliar intersect. And so, the theater becomes an arena of free trade and adventure, a space between voyerism and participation, an ode to incompleteness.

If you call it a theater piece, you affirm. If you call it not a theater piece, you negate. Beyond affirmation and negation, what would you call it?

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Kalauz+Schick: CMMN SNS PRJCT